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Whiskey Fixx - Pours A Tall One With New Single "Broken"

February 19, 2021 (Nashville, TN) Detroit Country Rock trio, Whiskey Fixx, have released their fourth single "Broken" premiering yesterday on, now available on all digital download and streaming platforms. Since the band’s first release in 2018, they have been nominated for Best New Song, Best Country Vocalist, Outstanding Country Artist Group, and Outstanding Country Band at the Detroit Music Awards.

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Whiskey Fixx deftly incorporates every aspect of country gold, including a catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and more than a hint of melancholy into their latest single, “Broken.” Though upbeat, the single tackles some rather serious subject matter. The newly released ballad is an antidote for broken hearts stumbling through recovery. The song is a powerful anthem of the struggle to mend one’s heart after it is shattered, regardless of the sentiments about healing that are seldom solicited.

Rather than relying on typical country hallmarks, such as Silverados and star-filled skies, Whiskey Fixx successfully focuses on broken glass, bones, and hearts without utilizing the genre’s typical flair. Lead singer Heather Nicole’s velvet-soft voice is accentuated by strumming acoustic guitars and a decidedly unique set of lyrics.

Like any great, sad country song, Whiskey Fixx’s latest release can accompany a whiskey and Coke, a long drive out of town, or a night staring at the ceiling and questioning the what-if’s that led to the present moment of uncertainty. With mellow banjo, rock-infused guitar, and pitch-perfect harmonies, there's something for every taste. The message conveyed by the lyrics is one that listeners of all walks of life will find relatable.

Lead singer, Heather Nicole, says, "When I was writing this song, I was in a lot of pain. It seemed as if it was the situation I was dealing with was hopeless and broken. I feel that this song really has the potential to hit people. Everyone has heartache for some reason or another. We often hear people say their experiences made them better, but I don't know if people ever wonder why. I think this song digs deeper and makes you take a look at yourself and see the changes."

"Broken" was written by lead vocalist, Heather Nicole, and her long-time collaborator, Greg Stryker. It was produced and mixed by Whiskey Fixx drummer, Aaron Christoff.

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