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Sandy Hall Brings Us "Full Circle" With New EP

It is impossible not to support this woman as she stands tall making her way through this, sometimes tumultuous, thing we call life. Her album ‘Full Circle’ encompasses a wide range of experiences just about anyone could relate to all while sonically taking listeners to another plaHailing from Vukovar, Croatia, Sandy Hall is the fresh face with the killer vocals that the classic rock scene needed. Growing up in a house full of music, she’s been singing since a very young age leading her to travel around the world and gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Sandy has had the opportunity to support and open for national performers including Joan Jett and the Black Hearts in 2017, and over the years seasoned artists like Eddie Money, Heavens Edge, Kip Winger, Dan Reed, and the list goes on. Sandy spends most of her time as the “Ann Wilson” in a Heart tribute band called Kick It Out which has led her to tour up and down the east coast playing in large festivals, theaters, and casinos. In addition to that, she has written and recorded her entrancing album titled ‘Full Circle’. 

Sandy shares “This album is very personal to me because I was able to express myself not only through my voice but also by co-writing the majority of the songs with John Ignatius Callaghan and Chris DeMuro. The songs are about what we all universally experience and reflect upon in our lives; love, friendship, loss, self-acceptance, disappointment, nostalgia, time and home. 

What makes it very special is that every person that is on this album I have known for quite a bit of time, I deeply respect, admire and consider a friend.”

Featuring 12 unique tracks, Sandy uses her silky vocals to carry listeners on a deep journey through the throes of life, love, and all the above. While she perfectly encapsulates that classic rock/pop sound, she brings in elements of her heritage with an instrumental Croatian flair on songs like “The River Calls Me Home” and “Fall From Grace”. “The River Calls Me Home” is a nostalgic tune about the Danube River in Croatia and how strongly Sandy feels pulled to it. “Fall From Grace” takes a far more introspective view on how we use admiration and unrealistic expectations to put someone on a pedestal. Then the hard realization that comes from discovering they are human and perhaps that weakness we now know is within us all.

In 2021, Sandy won the Artist of the Year Award in the rock category at the Josie Music Awards and has been nominated every year since. Her strive to keep all of her songs on a deep, personal level is what keeps us all coming back for more. Sandy claims “I hope what comes across is my “humanness”, my “realness”. In a world of AI, photo filters, social media presence that is constructed and purposefully designed to show an illusion of the perfect day, perfect life… I hope to be able to show more of the truth and reality of life.” Sandy was just nominated in several categories for the 2024 Josie Music Awards.

A woman who does it all, Sandy also uses her personal experience to advocate for Long QT Syndrome awareness.

Listen and Stream Full Circle HERE


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