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Kimberly Dawn Helps Us Fall In Love With Tennessee

Kimberly Dawn, fondly known as the "Coastal Cowgirl," has released her new single, "In Love with Tennessee." Dividing her time between Los Angeles, CA, and Nashville, TN, Kimberly reflects deeply on the inspiration behind this song. She shares, "The song emerged from the emotional conflict I felt, torn between my longing to be in Nashville and the necessity of maintaining my original home in California. Every departure from Nashville was heartbreaking, even though I missed my family in California. Having roots now in both places, I enjoy the best of both worlds without choosing."  

Putting a unique twist on the typical love song, Kimberly talks about falling in love with the state of Tennessee rather than a person. Beautifully capturing this sentiment with lyrics, “That's tearing me apart, weighing on my heart, and always makin’ me hung up on you / And fallin’ in love with Tennessee / turning heartbreak into a dream.” You would never know Kimberly is from California with the way she uses that classic Southern charm to rope you in for this heartfelt single. 

Kimberly has graced the stage of the historic LA House of Blues multiple times, opening for Wilson Phillips. A career highlight for her was performing at the legendary Bluebird Café, an experience she describes as exhilarating and fulfilling a long-held dream. Kimberly further showcased her versatility by releasing a duet, “Do I Love You,” with Grammy Award-winning songwriter and artist Paul Anka.

In order to make her deeply authentic music, Kimberly partners with esteemed producers Kent Wells and Jon Luzzi and several Nashville hit songwriters. Her work has been recognized by prominent platforms such as CMT, The Academy of Country Music, All Country News, Today In Nashville, and more, further cementing her place in the country music scene. Kimberly also is a well recognized songwriter and recently performed at The Keywest Songwriters Festival.

Check out “In Love With Tennessee” yourself by clicking here! Stay up to date with Kimberly Dawn on her website.


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