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Tyler Short's single "This Is Me" is an honest blue-collar anthem

Tyler Short sings for the everyday working man in his newest single “This is Me.” “This is Me” is an anthem for the average American who is unashamed of being their true self and who is willing to work hard to get the job done. Short delivers this message of individuality in a harmonically rich vocal as the band plays on behind him. Tyler’s vocal performance on “This Is Me” sounds like a blend of some of country music’s biggest legends and today’s biggest stars. With a twanginess that is similar to Merle Haggard and a bassiness that’s like Jason Aldean, Tyler Short’s vocal performance will instantly captivate any diehard country fan.

Tyler Short was born and raised in New Jerusalem, PA. While Tyler is new to the music industry, he has had a passion for music from a young age. As a boy, Tyler’s mother encouraged him to sing in church and from there, his love of music grew. Tyler began writing songs at the age of 19 and has been creating original music ever since. Through his songs, Tyler hopes to connect with his listeners on a spiritual and emotional level so that he can help them deal with the ups and downs of life. This heartfelt songwriting has led to Tyler playing several live shows, including a set of back-to-back opening performances for Ryan Upchurch. While developing his songwriting craft is his main focus in life, Tyler also enjoys bull riding, snowboarding, and riding ATVs. With his love of music and genuine songwriting, Tyler Short is an artist that will leave any listener wanting more.

The band behind Tyler also uses a blend of old and new sounds to add another layer of beauty to “This Is Me.” The combination of acoustic guitar, banjo, and a blazing electric guitar gives “This Is Me” a musical footprint that sounds like the best of both classic and modern country. The production techniques that were used to achieve this hybrid of old and new musical textures are absolutely ingenious. The instruments are all mixed so that they can play off of each other in a very natural-sounding way. All of the instruments are given their own sonic space while managing to sound like one cohesive unit. There is also an appropriate amount of dynamics mixed into the instrumental track that gives the song weight and keeps the listener interested.

One of the true standout moments in “This Is Me” is its climactic ending. An incredible guitar solo leads the song into a mini-bridge. This moment in “This Is Me” makes It sound like the track is just about to end until the chorus section of the song makes a triumphant return. It’s as if the music itself is saying “You can knock me down but I’ll get right back up.” “This is Me” is soon to be a country classic. The combination of beautifully mixed instruments, wonderful musicality, intense dynamics, and Tyler Short’s phenomenal singing voice create an instant country classic. After listening to “This Is Me” every country fan will feel proud to be themself.

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