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Through 'Everything Has Changed,' Souly Us Continue to Deliver

Rising Australian country duo Souly Us have released the music video for their latest single “Everything Has Changed.” The video, which features gorgeous scenes of members Ben and Kate performing on the Aussie shores, made its Australian debut on MTV and CMT last night. In the United States, it premiered exclusively on The corresponding single was recorded by the couple in lockdown and was released this past December on all digital and streaming platforms.

“Everything Has Changed” combines the duo’s signature country sound with a strong indie influence to create a truly unique and captivating soundscape. The song opens up with bright acoustic guitar and clean electric guitar accompanied by a locked-in rhythm section. Kate’s vocals provide a beautiful and soothing melody to complement the instrumentals. Considering how mellow the beginning of the song is, it feels fitting that the corresponding scenes of the music video are set in the couple’s home.

The chorus finds the 2020 Akademia Music Award winners barefoot on the rocky beaches of their hometown singing about how “everything has changed.”

“We are from Inverloch, a beautiful coastal town in southern Victoria, Australia. Living by the beach has definitely had an influence on the music we create, especially lyrically. We often speak of beach surroundings and we even go there to write sometimes! It’s amazing the inspiration that comes to you just by sitting there, breathing in the ocean air and watching the waves hit the shore.” - (Ben Mawdsley, Souly Us)

The second verse takes us back to the duo’s home, where Kate assures listeners that “everything will be alright.” Her performance is intercut with scenes of her lover walking down a path lined with greenery. Shortly after Ben makes his way back to the shore, the couple reunite to perform the second chorus.

The ambient textures and calming melodies could definitely be compared to something you would hear from The 1975, but with more of a country flair. A beautiful sunset serves as an especially appropriate backdrop for the guitar-driven outro.

“Everything Has Changed” is the perfect song to listen to if you just want to pop on a pair of headphones, close your eyes, and get lost in an ocean of upbeat vibes. The scenic new video makes it that much easier to indulge in escapism. If there’s one thing that we all can agree on, it’s that everyone could use a moment to get away from it all. Thankfully, Souly Us have provided the perfect opportunity!


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