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The Dan Gootner Band Takes Musicians and Writers on a Relatable Journey with New Music Video "Bourbon Street Unplugged"

The Dan Gootner Band has released over 20 tracks spanning many genres for the past 5 years. From Folk and Bluegrass to Rock and everything else in between. The one thing they all have in common, is they all have the same origin. Dan and Elie sitting on a couch with acoustic guitars. This fall the band has decided to release unplugged versions of their music, showing the beginnings of these tunes. They love the production and the creativity of layering full band ensembles in the studio, but great songs should always hold up with just an acoustic guitar and a voice. They hope you enjoy these stripped down versions of some of their favorite tracks.

"Bourbon Street" is another song where once the music was written we could see the story and the character it was meant for. The character is not based on anyone in real life. Or maybe it could be for some people. It is the story of the slow death of a dream. A young man is seeking his fortune, leaving home behind him, and eventually he fades into obscurity. Just another junkie vagabond; nameless, faceless, lost in the shadows. Sleeping on park benches. But he does keep a smile on his face" - Dan Gootner Band

Music Update Central gives this song and music video a 5 star review. Aside from the Lyrical Storytelling and Professional Acoustic Composition, it is one of the most relatable songs to other musicians, singer-songwriters across all genres. In closing The Dan Gootner Band Struck a chord with artists and anybody chasing a dream without seeing the destination in clear site. Bravo!

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