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Country artist Brian Falduto Gives Us Dolly With A Twist in New Music Video For "Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That"

Celebrated country artist Brian Falduto released his highly anticipated music video for his cover of Dolly Parton's hit "Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That." Directed by Falduto himself and featuring a stunning performance alongside television's Younger and Uncoupled star Dan Amboyer, this music video is set to be a sensation among fans. Discover the vibrant and engaging music video by clicking HERE.

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Brian Falduto first rose to prominence with his memorable role as Fancy Pants/Billy in the Jack Black-led cult classic School of Rock. His experiences in the film and the intense focus on his character's effeminate mannerisms significantly impacted his personal journey and his understanding of his own sexuality during his formative years. Reflecting on these experiences, Falduto says, “Mine is a story of what happens when society attaches a label on something they don’t understand to avoid their own discomfort.”

Since then, Falduto has penned an influential essay on his sexual awakening for The Advocate and has become a prominent figure at Pride events across the country, where he shares his story vulnerably and offers hope to those in the early stages of their coming out journey.

In 2023, Falduto entered the country music scene with "Same Old Country Love Song,” which quickly garnered immense support and enthusiasm, becoming an anthem in the LGBTQ+ country music community. His contributions have been recognized by major platforms such as CMT, The Academy of Country Music, and Apple Music Country's Proud Radio, marking him as a significant figure in the genre.

The music video, filmed in the lively setting of Hill Country BBQ in New York City and styled by Brendan McCann, showcases a masterful blend of storytelling and authenticity. Falduto's cover retains the catchy charm of Parton’s original while infusing it with a folkier, roots-infused sound that adds a layer of intimacy and depth. This artistic decision enhances the song’s personal resonance, framing it as a vulnerable exploration of Falduto’s life and musical influences.

The narrative of the video offers a fresh take on familiar themes, incorporating elements of the queer experience and the universal search for meaningful connections. It not only makes a statement but also celebrates the intrinsic values of inclusivity and representation in the arts, presenting love, identity, and the quest for companionship as experiences that transcend stereotypes and labels.

On the thematic content of the song, Falduto warns, “People forget this song is about a player,” adding humorously, “The cowboy is charming but doesn’t treat his lover so right,” and admits a personal connection, saying, “In my twenties, I was always chasing attractive but unavailable men who were incapable of an authentic connection.”

Co-star Dan Amboyer shares his enthusiasm for the project, noting, “I love that Brian is taking a classic Dolly song and flipping it, making it his own.” He continues to discuss the broader implications of their work, emphasizing, “There’s a perception that gays are urban-centric and that country music isn’t for us. But that’s not my experience. My husband grew up on a cattle ranch. I grew up with pet chickens and pulling bullfrogs out of creeks.”

Brian also comments on the evolving inclusivity within country music, noting recent shifts and acknowledging that while progress is being made, much remains to be done. He highlights, “Thanks to streaming services, long silenced genres of country, including queer country music, are finally finding an audience,” concluding with a forward-looking statement, “This is only the beginning.”

Join in celebrating this artistic milestone and Brian Falduto's progressive vision for a more inclusive country music scene by watching the music video and streaming the single.


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