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The Comancheros Release "The Day George Jones Died" In Memory of the Iconic Country Legend

A trio of modern day cowboys, The Comancheros, have written a tribute to a well beloved country icon titled “The Day George Jones Died.” George Jones, who sadly passed away 10 years ago on April 26th, was one of the most well known country singers to ever live. The “He Stopped Loving Her Today” singer lived to the grand age of 81 years old. George Jones’ music played an important role throughout the youth of the band and many others. His death pierced through the hearts and souls of many country fans, the men of The Comancheros being no exception. Losing him hit as hard as the loss of a family member. Not only did Jones play an important role in their personal lives, but he was also such an integral piece in the foundation of The Comancheros band. They all felt a call to write him a thank you.

Band member Jon Green remembers the day he heard the news clearly. As he tells it, he had hopped in his old Chevy truck and drove to a familiar spot where the local country radio station came in clear as day. The rest of that day was spent listening to one man, George Jones. Cook paints a somber scene as he sings of crying that day in that old truck with the lyrics “Why baby why? / I hung my head and cried / I’ll never forget the day George Jones died.” It is a bittersweet memory for him but it only fueled his desire to write this salute. The song flowed through the band as they wrote it in only 15 minutes. They were able to capture their extraordinary feelings of loss and put them into words for the world to hear.

This song is a beautifully written piece that I am sure all fans of George Jones will be able to relate to. Some of the lyrics recount the memories the band has of listening to George Jones back when they were teenagers. When everything was so sweet and they didn’t have a care in the world. Those old memories reminding them of their younger selves are sung along with the pleas to hear one more song from the idol. In the bridge, lead singer Tanner Jones sings out “Some say the king is gone / But give me one more song.” The song comes to an end with the melancholy sounds of a steel drum, paying perfect homage to George Jones.

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