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Take A Tour Through Music City With Gabrielle Metz's New Music Video "Mixtape"

Gabrielle Metz’s new music video “Mixtape” brings to the audience the perfect visuals for her new single, with a beautifully crafted combination of acoustic and intimist vibes, almost as if the audience was living a day with Gabrielle. This is the first official music video that she produced herself.

Starting with scenes of a normal day in her life, the music video makes the audience feel much closer to the artist, which increases our connection to the song. In addition to that, the different activities shown in the video, such as driving, walking around the streets, having fun in parks, and enjoying rooftop views, helps transmit the song’s message, that we can be someone different each day. Gabrielle definitely helps the audience understand that it is ok to change opinions, to like different things each day, move to different cities, and to make mistakes. As the song states “I am a mixtape”, meaning it is ok to be unpredictable and that we can be a little bit of everything.

Furthermore, the different scenes of Gabrielle playing the guitar help create this amazing acoustic energy, which is present throughout the song. Also, her outfit and location changes for those scenes help show how we can feel different each day, which is the song’s message.

This music video is definitely the perfect complement to Gabrielle’s song, helping show how we need to be ourselves, embracing changes and uncertainties because they’re a part of life. This song is a go-to tune to blast in the speakers, singing and dancing along, as Gabrielle does in her car rides.

You can connect with Gabrielle Metz here:


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