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Stephanie Owens Releases Video for her New Single "Slingshot"

Stephanie Owens, is one of those artists, that you stop what you are doing when her song comes on your listening device. Stephanie has a message to tell in Slingshot. The inspiration for the song and the title, initially was that she was battling with an eating disorder at a very early age which carried on through her teens. Stephanie pushed through it, and wanted to tell her journey to other young people, who may be in similar situations, that you can get beyond it and recover. Body image is second to how you feel and you need to be the best you can be. (Reaching out for help is so important as well). Stephanie really wants to get the message out and even strives to help young adults to get healthy. Stephanie has launched a School Assembly Program, in coordination with the National Eating Disorders Association, where she sings, shares her story, and talks about body positivity and social media pressures. Being an independent artist is a hard journey and the Bible story of "Davey and Goliath" always helps Stephanie to share the idea that you can propel forward, and push through situations in life that might hold you back. This resonates strongly with Stephanie. So the idea and the title for the song came out of her own life experiences. Stephanie got the opportunity to sit down with two other writers, Evan Klein and Melissa Sheridan, to develop this idea she had into a song. It is about her struggles and battle with this disease, but she came out on top, strong, sending out a riveting message.

This inspiring song, Slingshot has an strong, fast feel to it,

The line in the song, "All the negativity won't let it get the best of me", is the heart of this song and message.Stephanie is an inspiration to our up and coming generation. Stay strong!

Slingshot premiered and was featured on CMT. You can watch the single on You Tube and download for streaming on all digital platforms.


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