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Steph Maguire Starts Fresh With New Southern Rock Single “Cowboy”

Rising rock artist Steph Maguire is set to release a new single on November 11th, 2022 and will be available on all streaming services. Maguire made her start in her band Rebel's Fox, but has set out on a new journey as simply herself. Listen to the single here!

“Cowboy” was written by Steph Maguire, produced by Brandon Hamby and Daniel Biggins (Dead Peasant Studios), and the instruments are played by Paul Barton, Noel White, Amy Hall, Rob Bilodeau, Eddie Markham, Bert Johnson

Steph Maguire uses her music to provide others with a sense of personal healing within their lives. Before coming into the musical scene, she served as an EMS and firefighter. She states that she writes her songs based on the feelings that she experiences, such as heartbreak, struggle, and triumph. With her songs, she conveys her own emotions to those who may be struggling, and offers a sense of catharsis with a healthy dose of rock and country tones.

Steph Maguire's new single "Cowboy" showcases the power it takes to leave a relationship. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics convey the concept of moving on from someone as a feat of strength, and the message of the song itself can be applied to any listener. With her strong vocals, upbeat backing track, and a tone of independence and freedom, the song showcases the importance of knowing what’s right for you.

Steph Maguire (formerly Rebel’s Fox) spent her formative years never thinking music was a viable career- but after years of hearing melodies in her head and working in various unrelated fields, Maguire took the plunge. Formed in 2019, Rebel’s Fox was the jumping-off point for the Carolina-born alt-country/ rock band. After gaining traction in the Raleigh, North Carolina music sphere in its infancy, the various iterations of the group always had one mainstay: Maguire herself. A powerhouse frontwoman with rock n’ roll Stevie Nicks vibes, the Syracuse, New York native has always had a vision of the raw, authentic country-rock music she wants to make after so long suppressing her vision. Writing from her own experiences in heartbreak, tenacity, struggle and triumph and backed by a high caliber band, together they put on a show full of an energy that can be felt from the door. Maguire who self professes “I have lived a strange life. I spent many years working as an EMS and firefighter and here I am today living my music career dream.”

Steph is well-known in the Nashville region, playing out at least four times a week at famous venues including Redneck Riviera, Margaritaville Hotel, The Valentine, Second Fiddle, Famous and more. On tour, she has played The Lincoln Theater and The Pour House (Raleigh, NC), as well as Buck’s (Nebraska). Maguire has played Campout Festival (Missouri), and The Middle of Nowhere Farm Party (Georgia). Additionally, she has opened for Trey Lewis, Alex Williams, Josh Morningstar, Billy Don Burns, and The Comancheros, among many others.


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