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Songstress, Tera Lynne Fister, Announces Release of Debut Single"Hell Raiser"

You just released your new single, “Hell Raiser!” Congrats! Can you give us a little background on the song?

“Hell Raiser” is a song about my first encounter with the man I’ve now been with for three years. At the time of our meeting I had been very single for almost two years and was still not looking. It was a mutual friend’s birthday party at Red Door in Midtown that he made sure that I was going to be attending. I remember sitting at the bar and all of the sudden he just appeared. He wouldn’t stop talking to me and he wouldn’t leave me alone. I had been so single for so long that I was completely clueless to the fact that he was actually trying to court me, like, the old school gentlemen way. So naturally I quickly decided he was a weirdo and I needed to escape the situation. I immediately starting telling him all the things about myself that would make him think twice before continuing this evening.

So the song is a three part story of how are evening went. In the first verse I tell him how I’ve been to jail, not exactly a notable experience for anyone looking to start a relationship. In the second verse, I stroke his ego and let him pay for my drinks and I entertain his conversations and dance with his, because after all, I could not deny he was handsome and had good taste in music. But in the back of my head I was just getting free drinks and free attention, I knew I was saving money and going home alone. By the third verse I was just trying to save myself from myself because I could feel he was starting to get my attention. I immediately called over my three best friends, the guys in my band at the time, and they immediately started playing my big brothers and kind of pushed him out of the circle. Hence the line, “We don’t care what your name is here what kind of salvation you sell. I’m just a woman trying to do my thing, can’t you just let me raise hell?!” But obviously all my efforts were worthless because we have been together now for almost three years. He’s amazing.

How did you know when you had the right songs for your upcoming debut album?

I knew I had the right songs because none of them were the same. They did not fit in a box and all of them are autobiographical. I have been in Nashville for eight years and have taken my fair share of whacks at writing songs and getting them alive in the studio, but none were successes. They did not feel like they were me, or what I was trying to say as an artist and as a human. They were not what I wanted to present myself to the world with. It was kind of the cliché “when you know you know” moment.

Are there any songs that didn’t make the album that you now wish you included?

No. There are songs I have written since that I believe are another project in the making, but this album is in its entirety. It is whole and its own family. All the members came home for Christmas and are sitting in the living room hugging each other and sharing stories. There’s no more room on the couch for others.

What impact do you feel you music has on this chaotic world of ours?