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Ryan Brown Inspires in New Single for Charity The Sound Mind Network "After Midnight"

Ryan Brown’s newest release, titled “After Midnight” was written by Tony Luke Jr. Over the course of the song, the lyrics demonstrate how social media contributes to the growing rates of depression, anxiety, and addiction. You can listen to “After Midnight” here.

“After Midnight” tells the story of social media's toxicity in our lives. Brown takes listeners on a journey through social media, gun violence, and drug abuse while proudly proclaiming she can be the change she wants to be in the world. Within the song, the youth’s obsession with proving themselves on social media platforms is explored and showcases how these people can be so exploited because of that. Lyrics, such as “A new day you’ll see/after midnight, cuz change starts with me,” showcases the importance of being able to take a step back in order to live life. The song encourages her peers to make a change in the world and to untie together through adversity.

Ryan Brown may be new to the music scene, but that doesn’t mean she will take things lying down. Brown’s songs typically revolve around the feelings and thoughts of a teenager, as she takes aspects from her own life to put into her songs. Aside from an affinity for singing, Brown’s other musical endeavors include being a guitarist, pianist, and ukulele player.

Brown feels so incredibly lucky that she can share her experiences with the world. She hopes that while you listen to her music, you find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone.


At the young age of 17, singer-songwriter Ryan Brown is wise and talented beyond her years. Brown puts her own “authentically herself” spin on pop music, with influences such as starlets Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo to inspire her. Ryan has created quite the career for herself in such a short time. Her rich vocals, inspirational, thoughtful lyrics and bright personality take Ryan to the next level.

In 2022, Brown was the National Anthem performer for the Baltimore Ravens' pre-season finale game.

Growing up in Marlton, NJ, Ryan has worked with unfinished songs of the massively talented late Christina Grimmie. She finds comfort in knowing Christina’s work will live on through her own music. “I am from Marlton, NJ. Not only were most of my songs inspired by people here, but this town connected me to the Grimmie family and gave me the wonderful surreal experience of working with them. I’m very grateful for where I live and have grown up.”

Ryan shares, “My music always comes from a place of sadness because I love to turn something bad into something beautiful. I write my music for me because I know others feel the way I do too. At the core is authenticity.”

Ryan has performed at countless events, including the Sound Mind Network Music Festival featuring superstars Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon of the Bacon Brothers, Johnny Showcase of America’s Got Talent, viral TikTok musicians Cory Singer and ElectraQueens, and celebrity chef Tony Luke. Jr.


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