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Rock Duo Sleep Nation Releases 20-Track Album 'AND THEN THERE WERE 2...'

Alt-rock pair Sleep Nation released their double length LP titled ‘And Then There Were 2…’ on September 29th. You can listen to it now on your favorite streaming service! This 20-track behemoth is filled with hidden treasures beneath its steely rock blues-rock exterior. Bran Merritt, lead vocalist, and Joey Lauretta, drummer, are known as the “Out Of Control Rock ‘N’ Roll Duo” due to their energetic live performances and it carries through to their recorded work. In this record the boys dig deep into the discussion of the everyday man’s life and the struggles to be better ourselves. Genuine vocals, multi-genre instrumentals, and classic rock elements pervade throughout the project, providing something interesting for everyone, especially listeners who love an old-time blues vibe, only married with more modern sparkle.

One of the featured tracks is a previously released single “SPACEman”. This tune starts with an irresistible light rock-n-roll sound with a playful vocal span before pulling you into a false sense of security with its tame, introspective instrumentation… that is until you register the lyrics and hear that the “quiet moments” are actually soaked with torment. “Can you hear me scream?” draws listeners back into reality as the work song vibes of the tune lay bare the real meaning of this song; begging for help from the Spaceman, from the “interstellar superstar.” The duo bares their souls on this track as they stir up the fist-pumping ‘screw The Man’ anthem that we all love.

In 2014, the duo’s music video and single release for "I Want You Back" landed the band a spot on Nashville radio station 102.9 The Buzz's "Local Buzz Top 25." Sunset Island Music ranked Sleep Nation #2 among the Top 25 Unsigned Bands around the world. In 2015, the pair’s second official music video "Mr. Unlucky" was released in promotion of the film “Hair of the Dog,” directed by Michael Butts. They also wrote "I'm a Werewolf, But That's Ok" for the movie’s soundtrack. In 2016, the band celebrated the release of their self-titled debut album. The single "Slip" became the album’s second track to be named 102.9 The Buzz’s "Local Buzz Cut of the Week." 2018 saw the arrival of singles "Scream & Shout" and "American Way" via Victory Music Buzz. Their single "SPACEman" featured Daisy Dead from the Dead Deads.

Another featured track is titled “The Ballad of Billy Jones”. This tune includes smoky vocals, bad trips, and maybe demons…? This piece begins with steely Appalachian vibes as we are bewitched with percussive vocal elements, alluring lyrics, and authentic storytelling. The ballad takes us on a journey as Billy Jones notices something strange on the side of the road. Feelings of dread creep up his spine as us listeners are helplessly watching, and yet craving the ending. This song speaks to the unfortunate mistakes that can be made when we’re trapped under the influence of addiction and the strength that is necessary to pull ourselves out of it. “My name is Billy Jones and you won’t take me back,” repeats as we are led out of the song, almost trusting in the hopes of a normal life.

Keep up with Sleep Nation on their website!


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