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Rob Mayes Premieres New Track, “We’ll See” from Forthcoming Debut Album, Closer, to Release Sep 20

Actor-singer-songwriter, Rob Mayes is set to release his new track, “We’ll See” on Sept. 6. A first-listen is now available on The Boot (see here). “We’ll See” was inspired by a Chinese fable that resonated with Mayes. Mayes sings, “Sometimes good and bad luck look a lot like each other.” The lyrics are reassurance that negative experiences may actually be positive experiences in the long run and that many lessons and hardships are a blessing in disguise. Mayes explains, “This song is about hope and faith and I think that there must have been some sort of spirit running through me, through the three of us, that allowed us to simply bring the song to life.” 

Co-written by Mayes along with Smith Curry and Lauren Weintraub, the track was produced by Smith Curry, who is also featured playing dobro. The track was mixed and vocal produced by Mark Lonsway, and was mastered by Grammy-nominated producer Andrew Mendelson. Mayes recorded his most recent release at Benchmark Sound and Warner Chappell Production in Nashville. 

The breakthrough artist has also announced his debut album, Closer which is expected on Sept. 20. “We’ll See” is the last track on the album, ending Closer with a rawness that all listeners will be able to connect with. Mayes vulnerability and authenticity shine through as he sings, “Lord help me trust the powers that be, we’ll see.” Closer is a dynamic album featuring upbeat catchy tracks such as “Kiss The Night” and classic-Country sounds on “Road With No Lines.” 

In addition to Mayes’ new music, fans can also expect to see him this holiday season in the new Lifetime film, “The Road Home For Christmas,” set to premiere Oct. 26 at 8 pm ET on Lifetime. The film is part of the “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” holiday campaign which will run from Oct. 25 to Dec. 25. Throughout this time, Lifetime is set to premiere 28 original films to celebrate the season. 


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