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Review: Virgin Records New Artist Julius Wilder Debut's "Lovebird"

Author: Lois Zozobrado

Virgin Records newly signed artist, Julius Wilder released his first single entitled, “Lovebird”. With its catchy beat and an relatable message, this song is a bop you do not want to overlook.

The song starts out simple and sweet- just keys and vocals. Wilder begins illustrating the beginning stages of a relationship from getting “her number on a Tuesday '' to “sitting in her bedroom” to promises about “calling the next day”. Just as you would think that this would be cliche happily-ever-after type of love song, the melody picks up and Wilder gives you an unforeseen lens to look through. The listener finds out that the protagonist's lover is abusive; she constantly uses and threatens him to “hush” and keep his feelings to himself. Throughout the chorus, listeners feel nothing but sadness for the protagonist because he’s completely aware of her “spell” yet he and can’t help himself but fly back to her like a “lovebird”. The story ends with a degree of happiness in that the protagonist realizes that he is done with her game.

Overall, Wilder’s creation is worth a listen. Rather than telling the story though a soulful ballad, Wilder makes a creative choice to highlight the lyrics with a juxtaposing catchy, soul pop beat. Another element that Wilder executes well was making the story vague enough in that people can find their own connection to the song. The songs narrative explores into the common dilemma of being vulnerable towards others, the struggles of self-love, and how every win has a loss even when it comes to something as innocent as love. One doesn’t have to have his exact story to relate to this song. Like this song, it was not made to be a walk in the park. However, it is beautiful because it’s true meaning is a mystery.

Check out the song and be sure to keep up with Wilder’s music endeavors by following him on Instagram.

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