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Review: Shelter Cove "Shut The Lights Out" Release Show

On November 8th 2019, I had the privilege of attending a show in my neck of the woods in Murfreesboro in the form of Shelter Cove at Ridenour Rehearsal Studios. Shelter Cove were promoting the release of their most recent single "Shut The Lights Out," and the line-up also featured MTSU favorites Sara Sturm and The Low Blow.

Sara Sturm was the first artist to play, and it was a great start to the night. She played a bunch of yet-to-be released songs she had written, followed by a Bruno Mars cover. Sara finished her set by playing the one song she has on streaming services, "White Wine." She was only accompanied by a friend of hers on guitar with a myriad of effects pedals he used to supplement their sound.

Shelter Cove followed up next and were incredible, for lack of a better term. They absolutely plowed through their set list, bludgeoning the audience with one anthem after another:"Everlast," "Pink Clouds," "Running In Tokyo," just to name a few. They ended their set with a heavy, barnstorming version of the single that was the reason for the show happening in the first place, "Shut The Lights Out." Abbie Garret, donning a black T-shirt and silver NASA pants, was a force of nature singing to the heavens. Ethan Forrest ripped it up on guitar, and Andy Madoff, with a very nice, expensive looking Ludwig drum set, was on fire, playing his parts exactly like those on the recordings.

Last in line was The Low Blow, who I had seen for the fourth time in a matter if three weeks. They were great as always, playing their classics, "Rock And A Hard Place," "Undertow," their cover of the Boygenius song "Me And My Dog," "2:15 AM," among others. Lead singer Pat Long, who I had talked to before the show, mentioned to me that his voice was killing him and that he probably wouldn't sound as good as the previous few shows. I sure didn't notice that. Connor Stith tore it up on lead guitar, Taylor Wood was a force of nature on drums, Matthew Williford killed it on the keys, and Josh Shelby riffed it up on the bass.

The only criticism of the show was that the crowd was light, maybe no more than 25-30 people. Granted, there seemed like a lot of parents there, and that was great to see, but I wish more people had come out. Regardless, it was a great show, and each of the acts performed impeccably.

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