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Review: Mike Bertini 'World of Lies' Single Release

For fans of: Coldplay, Sam Roberts, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews, Lenny Kravitz, Bryan Adams, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan.

Song Credits

Produced by: Shaun Verreault Written by: Mike Bertini Mixed by: Shawn Cole Mastered by: Brock McFarlane

Hailing from North Vancouver, Alternative Rock musician and songwriter Mike Bertini is a true West Coast guy who is making a name for himself across Canada. Starting from a young age Bertini mastered the skills of piano, bass, guitar and is self-taught on the drums. Mike Bertini writes music for himself as well as other people. He performs his songs for local talent shows and has won top awards in competitions such as Valley Voices and Red Robinson Talent Show. Mike is a passionate songwriter. His music reflects his own experiences as well as his strong beliefs and values including his passion for social responsibility and fighting homelessness close to home. 

Mike holds a certificate in Audio Engineering from the Pacific Audio-Visual Insitute in Vancouver B.C. For the last few years, Mike has been working in the audio engineering field as well as performing, developing his craft, and connecting with his fans off stage. Mike is ready to head out on a new adventure, meet new people and write more music.

Mike Bertini’s single 'World of Lies', will move your heart through its touching melody and intimate lyrics. This elegant ballad smoothly comes to life via the enchanting sound of a piano; through a velvet path its notes soon also marry those of a rock organ to create an atmosphere at the crossroad of blues and pop. Bertini’s voice pushes further the already loaded tone of the song, through the narration of a story as personal and universal as betrayal and trust, friendship and love. Its simple words actually unearth eternal conflicts and unveil the lies behind the common façade often used by deceivers.

This single will captivate the public with its classical timbre and tonalities ... where ‘classical’ becomes a synonym of feeling.

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