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Review: JJ McGuigan Cuts Deep With New Single "Save My Life"

JJ McGuigan has released a new emotional rock single titled “Save My Life”. JJ is no stranger to the hardships that come from being diagnosed with mental illnesses. This powerful song takes the listener on a journey of the intense pain JJ has felt over the years. When speaking about the record, JJ said “This song is a cry for help plain and simple. I’ve personally felt this way at a time with my mental illness. Not sure if you’re going to carry on or not but you want to live still and (you) are crying out for help.”

The song opens with the sound of long sustained notes from the keys that grab you in the first second. They crescendo into the drums and electric guitars' grand entrance keeping you locked in place and excited for the rest. A few bars of instrumentals lead into JJ’s first line, “As I lay dying / Take over me.” It is a difficult task putting the feelings depression and anxiety can give you into words - the fear and the carelessness - but JJ does it perfectly. JJ sings of how these illnesses can cloud your vision with the lyrics “Cause what I’m not seeing / Is my life in front of me.” In this song, McGuigan calls out to “El Shaddai”, otherwise known as “God Almighty.” He is at a tipping point where he is begging for help with the lyrics “Won’t you break me down this time / Then help me rise above my strife.” The words cut into you deep and you can feel the pain behind the lyrics. Anyone who deals with similar mental health issues are sure to relate to JJ as he bares his soul on this track. Knowing someone else is going through it right there with you, provides a little strength to power through.

A lyric video for “Save My Life” has been released along with the single. This video features various clips of a man looking as if he is in deep thought and rain drops falling into water. They provide the perfect background as JJ’s words dance across the screen.

Connect with JJ McGuigan: Website


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