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Happy Halloween everyone! On October 30, 2019, I had the pleasure of attending rising country artist Alexis Ebert's show at Ole' Smokey's Distillery to celebrate the release of her recent single and music video "Way Back In The Woods."

Alexis and her band came on about 7:10 pm or so, just as I was on my way back from receiving a helping of Ole' Smokey's homemade queso, and immediately grabbed the crowd's attention. Her talented band consisted of two guitarists, a bassist, a violin player that doubled on acoustic guitar, a drummer, and a backing vocalist. Alexis sang lead vocals and played occasional rhythm guitar.

As great of a show as this was, I wish it were longer. Alexis came on about 7:10 and finished around 8:00 or so. However, the short set was all killer and no filler. Everyone looked like they were having a blast on stage, and Alexis has such a joyful expression on her face the whole set. The highlight of the night was the group's rendition of "Way Back In The Woods." Before the end of the show, Alexis thanked the crowd of about 30 or so people for sitting through a set of all original material, except for a Dwight Yokam cover. Nobody cared the show was worth every original song.

I walked out of the venue at the end, feeling very happy. Alexis is such a talented songwriter and has an amazing voice. I wish the best for her. I see her star rising in Music City.

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