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Review: 90s Rock Revivalist Carter Brady Releases His New Music Video "Chasing Vampires"

90’s rock revivalist Carter Brady and his band bring to you a new single and music video called “Chasing Vampires”. With a sound that blends the line between current-day indie rock and 90’s alternative, Carter Brady is delivering an exciting, new sound. You will hear modern elements of the talented Lindsey Jordan (Snail Mail) and Sophie Allison (Soccer Mommy), two of Carter Brady’s biggest inspirations brought to light in this song. Mark White (bass player) from the highly-acclaimed 90s blues-rock band Spin Doctors is also featured on this track, bringing this revivalist new hit to life.

In the video, Brady plays the role of the boy next door living his life as if he’s the main character in a movie. The video opens with a time machine to the past, with videos of older movies and footage to truly set the revivalist scene. When Brady and his band are finally introduced, a feeling of coldness and nostalgia for unrequited love is brought to light further by the chilling winter set and the emerald pine trees covered with snow. And although the lyrical content itself may appear melancholic, Brady and his band are able to bring an energy to the video that will leave you dancing like you are at a basement show in Philadelphia. The “Chasing Vampires” music video is now out on YouTube and the song is also available on all digital streaming platforms.


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