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Psychedelic-Rock Meets Heartbreak in Krantz's "Louisiana"

In our lives, we all find a place that holds immense meaning to us. For musician Krantz, that place is Louisiana. In his new single, titled after the state, listeners are taken on a roadtrip to a love story gone wrong deep in the bayou. Listen to the new single right here.

Released November 5th, “Louisiana” is an alternative rock ballad that weaves a story of heartbreak with the backdrop of the Big Easy. As Krantz finds himself deserted by the woman that he met and quickly fell for in Louisiana, he realizes that the entire region is tainted by the memories of their whirlwind romance and subsequent betrayal.

What Krantz does so masterfully in “Louisiana” lies in the juxtaposition of the rock instrumentation with emotional lyrics that are reflective and forlorn. Like many rock acts before him, Krantz fully feeds into the story and insists on wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Krantz says, “‘Louisiana’ is a song about heartbreak and how it’s interesting that anything from a place, food, song, or movie can be tainted by the memory of someone who hurt you, no matter how much you loved that thing before it became associated with that person. We used that concept to write this song about meeting and falling in love with someone in Louisiana. It’s hard to return to a place when all you feel is the memory of heartbreak. I wrote this with my good friends Joel King and Sheyna Gee.”

Krantz’s track record spans years of experience as a touring artist. As part of the band The Effects, Krantz opened for Kings of Leon, Shinedown, Foreigner, and Toadies. With so much talent around him, it was only natural that Krantz continued to grow and develop. Striking out on his own, the musician has begun crafting music that feels reminiscent of classic rock and alternative music. It’s clear that he draws inspiration from Weezer and The Beatles, two trailblazing acts that shifted the understanding of popular music.

Up next for Krantz is a music video for “Louisiana” to bring the story to life. Luckily for him, the artist is no stranger to creating stunning music videos that truly capture his psychedelic-rock essence while playing off of the themes he injects into his music. Heading into 2022, we hope to see more soul-searching and guitar-shredding from this artist on the rise. Keep up with Krantz by checking out his website as well as his social media below!

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