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Press Release: Meghan Pulles Writes Stunning Tribute To Her Oma Titled "10,000 Rains"

September 29th, 2023 (Nashville, TN): Meghan Pulles pens a loving tribute to her late Oma in her latest single "10,000 Rains." The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Meghan has always written her music from a vulnerable and raw place and this song is no exception. Growing increasingly closer over the pandemic, Meghan was inspired by her Oma and her perseverance and strength.

The song begins with a light and airy guitar melody playing under a sound recording of Meghan’s Oma speaking. This guitar melody along with low sustained notes from a synth carries through the first two verses building up to the chorus. The pre-chorus starts with a soft impact from the drumset and the subtle sound of a shaker. These instrumentals carry through as Meghan's wavering voice sings out the chorus “I’ve been here / For 10,000 years / I’ve felt the pain / For 10,000 rains.” The music mellows out sliding back into the guitar and synth combo allowing Meghan’s sincere lyrics to truly shine through. As Meghan is going into the closing verses, she adds in a tambourine on the drum impacts. The music fades out as she sings the last lines “I’ll remain / For 10,000 rains.

When speaking about the root of her inspiration, Meghan said “I was really inspired by how her mindset shifted and how she spoke about God helping her through the dark times and so this song was born once I started to get in her head about how she would be feeling being alone during a global pandemic, and not wanting to be alive on this earth anymore but still persevering through with God’s help.”

Meghan Pulles reigns as an emo-positive Nashville-based genre-defying singer-songwriter and artist with an ability to beautifully blend pastoral melodies with nostalgia. With a staunch devotion to musical healing, her compositions are all about the emotions and feelings that it evokes in her listeners. Ranging from drenching folk to melodic pop and indie styles, her work is reminiscent of the musical richness of Regina Spektor and softness of Joni Mitchell.

Meghan is currently recording her debut album about healing through emotional abuse, planning to be released in 2023 and working with producer Harper James who is known for his indie band Eighty Ninety and solo project Middle Youth. She recently signed with Aurally Records powered by Symphonic Distribution.

Keep up with Meghan on her website!


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