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Pop Singer May Devun Gets Real In New Single "All That I Want"

Pop princess May Devun recently released her hot new single “All That I Want” on September 29th. This single is available on your favorite streaming service now! May will get your heart racing as she tells her crush just what she wants.

In typical May fashion, the song begins with the sounds of a heavy electric guitar. A light trill quickly follows as Devun prepares to get the party started. Many successive moments of no music, all of which are soon followed by an eruption of sound creating intense impacts of music. May uses her first verse to set the vibe with the lyrics “The simplest words that you could say / Echo like a song in my mind.” The instrumentals are intricate yet maintain the right balance of light and fun while May sings lyrics like “My heart is captive” and “You melt my soul.” She can’t get enough for this person as she begs “Won’t you please make a move?

When talking about May Devun, record producer Leland Elliott (Needtobreathe, Yelawolf, Darius Rucker, Orianthi, Alabama, Lionel Richie, Rascal Flatts), of Scorched Earth Productions gushed over her impeccable artistic abilities. He stated “It is very rare to come across an artist like May Devun. Not many are willing to put in the time and dedication to master their craft as she has. Even fewer are able to take their technical mastery and use it to create beautiful and unique artistry.”

May Devun represents a new wave of self-sufficient artists who have the ability to produce their own vision. She is creating these entirely new soundscapes that know no boundaries while also giving their loving respects to her artistic influences. May is the result of lifelong commitment and an uncompromising goal for her music. In the end we are left with a combination of spectacular performances paired with beautiful sonic backgrounds.

May describes, “This single blends a lot of styles and sonic qualities, but I think that is what makes it so appealing to so many listeners across the board. It was so fantastic to work on this with my producer Leland Elliot, who has shaped this track alongside me to be what it is today.”

This song is the first single release of many to come this year and beyond. Stay up to date with her website!


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