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Pop driven Singer Songwriter Dalton Stocks releases debut album "The Night We Met"

Beginning with the intro track and continuing to the last song, “The Night We Met” takes listeners on a theatrical journey through love, loss, heartbreak, and self discovery. The 7 track album features hip-hop influences that are blended with beautiful vocal layering and guitar looping technique. From the love filled “Empty Bed” that will have listeners dancing with their partners, to the upbeat “Colors in my Head” which is sure to cause a commotion, there is a song for everyone and every occasion on this album.

Listen to the album here

Also featured on ”The Night We Met” are artists Ryan Ladd (bass and production) and Aria Mae (strings, background vocals). Ladd’s incredible bass skill-set adds punctuation to this record and his production skills have tied everything together in a perfect package. Mae, who co-wrote track five “Lonely Boat”, brings added depth to the album with expressive string builds and responsive background vocals. This album which pushes the envelope of genre lines, will undoubtedly be an immediate addition to listener’s streaming libraries and a go-to for all occasions. 

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