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Oak Ridge Boys Releasing Christmas Tunes on New Holiday Album

The Oak Ridge Boys have been hard at work to bring you the latest in Christmas music. Releasing on October 25, their 8th Christmas album, warmly named Down Home Christmas, is in collaboration with producer Dave Cobb, and being released on Lightning Rod Records/Thirty Tigers. Several of their covers, Amazing Grace and Don’t Go Pulling On Santa Claus’ Beard, have been pre-released on all digital outlets.

The Oak Ridge Boys will be touring to support the new album on their 2019 Down Home Christmas Tour where they will be performing at more than 30 concerts across the US, starting in Branson, Missouri on November 13. The Oak Ridge Boys will travel the United States spreading Christmas cheer by performing Christmas classics, as well as new favorites and many of the hits that helped to shape the careers of this legendary ensemble.

Listening to this new release has been a combination of joy, cheer, and holiday classics. There is one song on this release that is absolutely “amazing” and is a reflection of the magnitude of the strong, and melodic voices of this seasoned group. It is Amazing Grace and is performed acapella. Within it, you can hear the bass and tenor, the highs and the lows, the classic Oak Ridge Boys sound. Play it over and over again, and you will be inspired, get in the Christmas spirit and be in awe, that this is an album to pass onto the next generation of Holiday Cheer! The Oak Ridge Boys have a home run with this album!

Down Home Christmas Track Listing:

1. The Family Piano (Aaron Raitiere)

2. Angels (Aaron Raitiere)

3. Bring Daddy Home For Christmas (Channing Wilson, Aaron Raitiere)

4. Reindeer On The Roof (Jake Mitchell, Aaron Raitiere)

5. Silent Night (Franz Xaver Gruber, Joseph Mohr)

6. Hallelujah Emmanuel (Robert Jason, Paul Bradley Jr.)

7. Down Home Christmas (Mando Saenz, Aaron Raitiere)

8. South Alabama Christmas (Jamey Johnson)

9. Don’t Go Pullin’ On Santa Claus’ Beard (Anderson East, Aaron Raitiere)

10. Amazing Grace (John Newton)

Links to the Oak Ridge Boys Social Media and Beyond:

Oak Ridge Boys present new Christmas album, "Down Home Christmas"


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