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Nashville Artist J.D. Redd Shares Roaring Indie-Pop Single “Go For It”

Musician J.D. Redd plays on emotion and indie-pop vocals in “Go For It,” his latest single. Written and produced by the artist himself, the rock ballad features heavy electric guitar, searing vocals, and a high-flying melody that winds and rolls like a California coastal highway. J.D. Redd is a professional guitarist and studio musician for Nashville artists ElectraQueens & Daisha McBride. Listen to the single here!

The singer-songwriter’s ear for a harmonious symphony of guitar, drums, and skillfully-added vocal flourishes makes for a cross genre song with pop, indie, alternative, and rock tones. The extended musical break that concludes the track is nostalgic and driving, only reinforcing the artistry and attention to detail that the skilled guitarist put into each note.

The singer breaks our hearts throughout the thoughtfully rock-infused ballad that touches on the reluctant acknowledgement of a relationship that has come to an end. The repetitive lyrics that shift and subtly change throughout the course of the song serve as a diary entry and mantra all in one. J.D.'s pen was on fire writing the verses, true emotion pouring out and culminating in a masterful jam.

A music video for "Go For It" is also set to release soon, and we're so excited to see it!

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[Sarah Barre Harrison Photography]

J.D. Redd is a professional studio musician and guitarist by trade, cutting his teeth playing riffs and recording tracks for Nashville-area artists for the last few years. With his own unique vision and indie-pop sensibilities that transcend genre distinction, Redd has released five singles and a live EP of his original music since 2019. Finally stepping into the spotlight, the singer and musician brings a fresh perspective to pop music that takes listeners to new heights.


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