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McMillin Makes a Splash with his Revolutionary Production Skills in Single & Video "Drown Me Out"

The man who can’t be put into a box is back again. McMillin has recently released his latest single “Drown Me Out” along with the corresponding music video. This tune vividly describes a classic case of miscommunication between romantic partners. A frustrating storyline turned into a spirited dance song, McMillin uses a myriad of instruments and funky beats to give us that modern-disco sound. It feels colorful, airy, and magical, it makes you want to jump to your feet and dance.

McMillin shows his wit by the addition of multiple water references both in lyrics and in production. He uses lyrics like “This is my last chance to drink you in”, “Fighting the tide the best she can,” “Drown me out / Like it’s nothing it all,” to tell the story. The beginning of the song sounds muffled almost as if you’re underwater, but then, the music suddenly emerges with a splash. McMilin also explains, “at the top of every pre-chorus, there is a strong impact that mimics the sound of a large wave crashing on the rocks.” The ebb and flow of relationships mimics the movement of water. Just like water can be erratic and unpredictable, so can a relationship.

McMillin keeps things simplistic visually as the strong lyrics painting a beautiful picture are able to speak for themselves. The video opens with the switching of film to start the movie. McMillin stands on a stage accompanied by three large speakers with a lone spotlight shining on him. He rocks out on his guitar as the camera moves dramatically around him with different angles and perspectives. McMillin has a talent of keeping an expressive face clearly conveying every emotion he’s feeling.

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