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Self-made phenomenon Loren Gray releases “Alone,” the second in a series of songs she recorded at home during quarantine. While its title might suggest the song is about solitude, it’s actually a silken reflection on being alone with that special someone. Loren wrote “Alone” with her “Cake” collaborators – The Wavys. Download / stream HERE.

Raja Dava created the accompanying lyric video, which is propelled by fluid handwriting in a nod to the song’s opening lines – “Your name in my mouth comes out in cursive/Red hearts round the letters on my mind.” View HERE.

“‘Alone’ is the first love song I’ve ever written,” says Loren Gray. “I’m so happy it’s out in the world and I hope my fans aka my angels love ‘Alone’ as much as I do.”

Loren will be the guest on E! News “HappE! Hour” July 22. Tune in to the Instagram Live series for host Scott Tweedie’s Q&A with Loren, which will include a discussion of her music and what makes her happy plus questions from fans. Loren is the featured artist in Best Buy’s Back To School campaign for Lenovo Laptops. The campaign features “Alone” in a “choose your own adventure” digital video series.


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