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John Berry Keeps His Fans Amazed on his Christmas Tour

It truly is the happiest time of the year for John Berry. John, with his wife Robin and their full stage Christmas show, 23rd Annual Christmas Songs and Stories with John Berry, travel around the country singing and performing for all of his devout fans. The showstopper song titled, O’ Holy Night, still amazes his loyal followers around the country. John is known for his many hits from over the years including, Your Love Amazes Me and Standing of the Edge of Goodbye.

We had a wonderful conversation about this tour, and just about life in general. John makes you feel right at home, like you are a part of his family. He also considers his fans, family so it was no wonder how engaging he is to speak with.

The show ends in Gallatin,Tennessee on December 22. The tour schedule covers many of the same cities every year, where his fans have been attending. In fact, the children of the fans have grown up seeing him! A lovely story that John mentioned was this: one of the families grown up children become engaged on stage. John helped with all the arrangements to make it happen. AMAZING!!

There is such a great feeling of community with the John Berry fans!

John also told me about the “Indiana Girls”who are his devoted fans in Indiana. It is a show that John does in a Bingo Hall every year in,(no Bingo that day of course). The ladies do all the cooking for the event, and it is a night of stewardship and warm heartfelt feelings.

The set list for the show consists of John opening with a nice mix of older hits, then the list of Johns beloved Christmas songs, and finally rounding out the show with his new release. John has a new album out Thomas Road and has performed it with outstanding applause.

The Story part of the tour is John talking about his songs, the inspirations for them, and what they meant to him.

I asked John which city would he like to play that he hasn’t yet. John said “Knoxville, Tennessee”. I couldn’t believe it, since he has been in Tennessee for so many years, he would love to perform there!…… Knoxville, here comes John Berry!!!

What Inspires John to keep on performing and singing?

The Inspiration to keep going…..other than the mortgage?(John’s words). He loves touring period. In fact, he is trying to convince his wife, Robin, to let him buy a new tour bus, and travel around the country. This man loves what he does, it is in his soul. Robin still needs convincing..

He also mentioned that he has battled and won his war with throat cancer and is feeling very well...and he wants to keep on going. I think he will keep us all amazed. One day he will get that new tour bus, and travel to Knoxville…


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