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Jeff Touhy Country Music's New Ringer Takes Us Down "Old Roads"

It isn’t often that we feel the urge to move ourselves to a song we hear for the first time, and it's even less often that we are singing along by the last chorus during that initial listen. Cue “Old Roads.” Jeff Tuohy’s newest release is a slow burning, anthemic ballad about returning to one’s roots and appreciating the elements that sculpted their character.

“Old Roads” can be seen as many things: A love letter to small town America, and an homage paid to the abundant memories one has of their hometown’s streets, and a sign of what's to come next as Jeff’s journey continues. The song’s memorable hook is affirmed by the raw power of the band, with crashing cymbals highlighting Jeff’s lines in the chorus and searing guitar lines that are played with the highest authority. Jeff also deserves attention for his ability to write chord progressions that tell the listener a story, and his loud belt during the song’s climax serves the song well by providing a satisfying punctuation to the conclusion of the track. “Old Roads” is a song that anyone can find meaning in, which is a sign of a true artist and lyricist.

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