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J.D Shelburne releases thought-provoking single "Church Pew Barstool"

J.D Shelburne has released a beautiful new single that will cause listeners to think about the unlikely places they may find faith. “Church Pew Barstool” features supporting drum fills and carefully placed guitar holds that accentuate its message of unconventional ministry. This song reminds us of moments and places that we have been a comfort to another person outside of normal sunday morning “ministry hours”. This honest and expressive song challenges us to demonstrate our humanity in all spaces and at all times in our lives; to find and live out our “Church Pew Barstool” moments.

The music video that accompanies this single pairs a powerful song with alluring visuals. The video features Shelburne performing “Church Pew Barstool” in a quaint home-town church. The crisp wood floors and pristine white walls draw attention to the twilight sun pouring through the arched windows to rest on Shelburne as he sits in a church pew. The simple yet engaging visuals embellish the powerful message of this new single.

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