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Interview with Dawson Gamble on his new single "I Don't Care"

Music Update Central: What inspired this song?

Dawson Gamble: While writing this song I was at a point in my life where I had the go with the flow, take life one day at a time attitude.  I feel like as I adapted to this energy this song came to fruition as it became more true to me and the positive, easy-going personality I strive towards! 

MUC: What's your favorite line in the song and why?

DG: one of my top favorite lines is the first of the song; “I don't mind if you wanna take some time & you wanna spend the night with some weed & some wine baby I'll be there no cap, no lie” I just feel like it's so real and genuine, I feel like it can connect to a lot of people and to me that's special.

MUC: What do you imagine your listeners doing as they listen to this single?

DG: I'd imagine them listening to “I Don't Care” straight chilling. I feel as though the song takes me to such a relaxed state and makes me wanna throw away the stress of the day and do whatever it is that relaxes you. 

MUC: What is the biggest thing you'd like listeners to take from this song

DG: Probably just to relax a little more, slow down & appreciate the little things, take life one day at a time, and know that each day is a blessing and we shouldn't try and rush through each one.


Stream "I Don't Care" here and for more information visit


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