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Interview: Singer/Songwriter Kalsey Kulyk Overcomes Struggles With Music

Kalsey Kulyk's effortlessly bright and unmistakable vocal, paired with thought-provoking lyrics and overall messaging, is something most songwriters never master.

When did you know that you wanted to share lyrics and music with people? I started singing at the age of 3 so I think I always had an idea that I wanted to do this for a living but just didn’t understand the weight of it until later in life. As a teenager, I was diagnosed with cancer and would write songs during my chemotherapy treatments and began performing them shortly after. When people would come up to me to discuss my songs, it became clear to me that my music could make a difference because lots of people had been through what I was currently going through. That’s when I knew I wanted to pursue this career.

You got your first guitar at age thirteen. What was that like for you? What was the first song you learned? It was amazing! My mom bought it for me as an Easter present. I knew that we really couldn’t afford it so I knew if she spent the money on it, she expected me to learn how to play it. After I began learning, I hardly ever put it down. The first song I learned was “Heads Carolina Tails California” by Jody Messina.

In high school, you were diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and underwent six months of chemo. How did that impact your musical career? I always say that it made me a more emotional writer. It made me understand people better and what life is really about. It also gave me more determination to follow my dreams and prove to people that no matter what they can do whatever they set their hearts and minds to.

You worked along with Fleetwood Mac’s producer, Richard Dashut. What was that like for you? This was the most important thing to ever happen for my music growth. I truly learned to trust my gut and learned to listen for specific aspects in each song. He taught me so much and continues to teach me. I will forever be grateful for his presence in my life.

What advice would you give to other female artists looking to pursue a musical career? To never let someone tell you who you are. It is so important to write, learn and discover yourself musically. Figure out who you want to write for and your why behind it. Be strong and keep faith in timing and yourself.

What’s the inspiration behind your latest release “More Time”? “More Time” is a true story song. I wrote it for my grandpa who was diagnosed with cancer. He called me to tell me that he wished he had more time to spend with me after really bad news for the doctor. It’s pretty much a reminder to live your life to the fullest and never let a moment pass you by.

What can fans expect in the upcoming months? I’ll be playing more shows, releasing some new singles and my EP! I am so excited to share everything that’s been happening and what’s to come! All good things!

Connect with Kalsey Kulyk by her website or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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