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Interview: Rizzi Myers Showcases Pure Talent on NBC's The Voice

Photo Credit: NBC/The Voice

On Monday (2/25) night's episode of NBC's The Voice, Clarkson was starstruck by Rizzi Myers blind audition.

Myers’ spectacular performance of Ariana Grande's "Breathin'" impressed all the judges, particularly Clarkson, who was first to turn her chair.

Clarkson clearly loved what she saw, and she moved fast to block fellow judge John Legend. “Oh my gosh,” she said as she watched the Nashville-based, Kansas City native.

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Rizzi about her blind audition and upcoming plans with The Voice.

What was it like steping onto the stage during your Blind Audition? I felt like I was in a dream! I had to tell myself it wasn't real just so I could sing.

Why did you choose Kelly Clarkson as your coach? I feel like Kelly and I are sisters. I love that we are both mothers of two babies and married. I love her personality and she seems so genuine! She was always my number 1 pick.

What are you most excited for on The Voice? The platform to show America what I'm made of! Also the relationships I've formed with fellow contestants! This is an amazing opportunity and I feel so blessed and thankful for it!

What made you want to pursue a musical career? Ever since I was little I've been singing and performing music! I've had such a deep love for music and knew I would never do anything else. I've tried doing other things and I wasn't happy.  I want to do what makes me happy.  I'm so in love with creation.

Watch Rizzi Myers and other contestants on NBC's The Voice every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7 CT.


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