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Interview: Rising Country Artist, Dylan Jakobsen Chats About His Latest Project

Dylan Jakobsen isn’t your typical country artist. He didn’t grow up on a farm & he doesn’t drink alcohol. His love of country music stemmed from artists like Church, Stapleton & Petty whose lyrics helped him find his voice as a writer and shape his career.

Your love of country music formed from artists like Church, Stapleton, & Petty. How did these popular artists shape your career and discover your love for country music? You know I’ve always been inspired by great songwriting and these are some of the best. I started writing my own stuff at a very young age and their lyristry is really what gravitated me to country music.

When did you know that you wanted to pursue a musical career? I’ve probably known since I was about 10 or 11 years old. I knew I wanted to grow up and be a rockstar. What felt like every weekend, my parents would take me out to see so many of my favorite bands at the time when they came through town. I remember teachers in school would ask us what we’d want to do after high school or where we wanted to go to college and I’d always just chuckle a little and confidently say “I’m gonna tour the world.” And you know what, that passion I had as a kid I strongly believe got me to where I am today. I’m getting to do exactly what I wanted to do.

You’ve learned several different instruments that assist you with the making of your music. What was the most challenging to learn? Yeah I remember back in the day starting to write my songs and wanting to put a full instrumentation to ‘em. I had this little 8 track Tascam recorder and I basically taught myself to play every instrument you hear on my records, all through trial and error sculpting my songs as a kid. I love the sound of a pedal steel guitar but it’s one that has its challenges- a lot of limb coordination!

You’ve been a support artists on dates with Aaron Watson, LOCASH, Chase Rice, Cody Johnson, + many other artists. What was that like for you? People always ask that and yeah it’s always amazing to play those big stages in front of thousands but it’s become so much more than that for me. For example, Aaron Watson has been so gracious to our whole team and we’ve learned so much being out on the road with him and his crew. Guys like him inspire me to wake up and be a better person everyday.

You recently released your new project, I AM. What can fans expect when listening? What made you release this song? What’s the story? I ask everybody to give it one listen all the way through from beginning to end. I AM is the first ever concept record I’ve done with intro tracks and songs flowing in and out of each other. I basically locked myself in the home studio for about 4 months and did absolutely everything. Lots of long nights but I’ve never been more proud.

The song ‘I AM’ was the start of this whole project for me. In an industry full of no’s, there’s the few that have stood beside and helped shape me into who I am today. It’s such a personal song to me so it’s actually been pretty incredible now that it’s out so see the fans talking about this one as much as they are!

You released a music video for your single “IN AMERICA”. What was it like making that video? It was really neat. We shot the footage over the course of a month or two being on the road in different places across America. The cities, small towns and everywhere in between. To me it’s really special because the video is full of memories and I could probably name where every single one of those shots were taken!

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