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Interview: Nashville Based, Lockeland, Share The Inspiration Behind Debut Release

If you haven't already heard of Lockeland, you're missing out on one of the hottest bands in out of Nashville, TN right now. With the release of their debut single 'Til The Cows Come Home, the band shares the story behind the release, formation of Lockeland, and much more in our interview!

Thanks for chatting with Music Update Central! What's the inspiration behind your debut single "Til The Cows Come Home"?

LOCKELAND: Thanks for having us! Hi, I’m Kyndon. Hey, I’m Michael. Hello, I’m Mark!

KYNDON: I wish the idea were more clever, but... I was just driving along (in my home state of Kansas) and saw a bunch of cows in a field, and I thought of the saying...”Until The Cows Come Home.” I thought it would make for a great play on words in a fun-loving song.

MICHAEL: I had an old voice memo on my phone that I had recorded a long time ago, and as soon as Kyndon brought up the title of the song, a light bulb went off! I knew I had the perfect riff to go with the hook. Mark and Renn just started singing lyrics to the first verse.

MARK: What’s really cool about co-writing is how one idea can trigger another idea and lead to something really great; we actually wrote the entire song in one session.

How did the band Lockeland form together?

MICHAEL: “We’ve all been in Nashville 10 years or more. Mark and I met at a writers round about six or seven years ago and he introduced me to Kyndon. The three of us became fast friends; we began to write, perform and record together.

MARK: “I’m from Long Island; Michael’s from upstate New York; Kyndon is from Kansas and we all settled in Tennessee. So, we ultimately “locked the lands” between all of our home states here in Music City.

KYNDON: ...and Tennessee is “landlocked,” sooo the name “Lockeland” just seemed like a perfect fit.

MICHAEL: We were in the studio working on Kyndon’s solo record. (Kyndon had hired me to co-produce and play drums on his tracks.) Having spent so much time together, the three of us, singing, writing and tracking...we just decided to “pull the trigger” and form a trio. In April of last year (2018), Lockeland was born!

What can fans expect in the future?

MARK: Well, our first single (“Til The Cows Come Home”) will be available March 8 via all of the digital retail outlets. So, that’s exciting news in the nearest future.

MICHAEL: We’ll be shooting the music video for “Til The Cows Come Home” over the next couple weeks here in Nashville, and we’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio finishing up all of the tracks for the next couple singles, as well as an EP that we hope to release later in the year.

KYNDON: We also have some exciting touring news on the horizon—perhaps a tour “across the pond”—so, stay tuned for updates on that!

MARK: 2019 is a year of new, exciting and big things for Lockeland!

What made you guys want to pursue a musical career?

MICHAEL: Music makes up the very fiber of my entire family. My late grandmother was a professional singer in the 1940s and, ironically, she was in a vocal trio with her sisters (The Reagle Sisters) that toured with a full big band. My father is a professional drummer and has performed all his life. Like father, like son, I followed his footsteps and picked up the sticks. I attended Belmont University and graduated with a Bachelor of Music, Commercial Music Percussion Degree with a Music Business Emphasis and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to play with a lot of entertainers on a lot of stages across the country.

KYNDON: Music sparked my interest in high school; I sang in various plays and moved on to launch a solo performing career playing in various clubs. It’s just always been my sole (and soul) passion and a primary concentration.

MARK: I think Michael, Kyndon and I all share the same passion and energy for music; it’s a lifeline. I’ve been playing instruments for as long as I can remember. It’s easy to pursue something you truly love and care about, especially when you’re “chasing the dream” with a group of friends who have the same heart.

Connect with Lockeland on and connecting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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