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Interview: Nashville-based LGBT Artist, Myylo Shares Message Behind New Music

Nashville-based LGBT Artist, Myylo shares the story behind release Cyborg, upcoming plans, and finding his passion in creating his sound in our exclusive interview.

What's the inspiration behind your single Cyborg? I wrote this to Carole King chords, mulling over a particular ginger haired boy. We've known each other in so many iterations: teenage crush, summer fling, ex, friend, lifelong enigma. All my feelings about the whole situation are rather hazy and I tried to work some of that out in Cyborg.

As an artist, what makes you unique? I usually leave that one up to the critics :) But, in a world full of sad bois imitating other sad bois, I like to think that my music is whimsical, joyful, and, above all, boppable. I think positive energy is so powerful and I want to be a part of the forces that bring that back into pop music. 

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it? It sounds like your best friend spilling their diary over boppable, major key tracks. It's a little bit of Kim Petras, Rex Orange County, and Chance the Rapper mixed into one.  

What made you want to pursue a musical career? Music makes me happy - creating tracks with my friends, scribbling lyrics in my journal, and singing something I wrote are all thinks that spark joy. According to Marie Kando, that means I should keep music around. That innate love of the process is what forced me to pursue this wily path. I haven't had a whirlwind of success by any means, but I've seen crowds sing back songs that I've written and connected  with people all over the world via the internet because of my music. Its all those folks that, daily, compel me to keep going :-)

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