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Interview: Kentucky Grown Musician, Timmy Dunn Pushes Country Music To New Level

With his brand new single, Kentucky Grown, Timmy Dunn is pushing country music to an entirely new level. Growing up in Kentucky, Timmy has experienced all of the beauty rural America has to offer. Timmy combines authentic country storytelling with a modern musicality to bring to life not just amazing country songs, but a glimpse into the future of where music is going.

What's the inspiration behind your single "Kentucky Grown"? The inspiration came from a love that sparked that summer, and it describes our time together and real life experiences.

What made you want to follow your dreams and pursue a musical career? Three years ago, I just got to a point and figured I could put some time into pursuing a musical career, and it’s moved very fast. Thank God!  What can fans expect in the upcoming months? Fans can expect high energy shows, new music in April and new videos for the songs on the EP that’s coming. Lots to do!  If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why? If I could collaborate with anyone..... Garth Brooks would be someone I’d love to do a song with, but as far as collaborating, I’d like to create with someone like Luke Combs or Jordan Walker. 

Connect with Timmy Dunn by visiting and follow on Instagram and Facebook.


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