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"i only miss you when i'm breathing" TO PREMIERE AT NASHVILLE FILM FESTIVAL

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – "i only miss you when i'm breathing," a short film by Ashley Wren Collins, starring Lori Fischer and country hitmaker Phil Vassar, will have its world premiere during the Nashville Film Festival October 8. Click HERE to purchase tickets. 

Click HERE to watch the trailer for "i only miss you when i'm breathing." 

"i only miss you when i'm breathing" Nashville Film Festival Screenings:  Tuesday, October 8 at 3pm CST  Regal Hollywood 27 Theater 6 

Wednesday, October 9 at 3pm CST Regal Hollywood 27 Theater 6 

Shot on location in Nashville, Tenn. with a local cast and crew, "i only miss you when i’m breathing" follows Nora (Lori Fischer) and Warren (Phil Vassar), stuck in the aftermath of their only son’s death from a school shooting. The short was inspired by the real life story of country legend Freddy Weller, and his wife Pippy. The film features original music from Weller as well as platinum-selling artist Phil Vassar, who also stars. 

Film by Ashley Wren Starring Phil Vassar and Lori Fischer to Premiere October 8 

"I’m deeply honored to share such an important story about survivors who belong to the worst club imaginable: parents who have lost their children," shares Collins. "In the face of great tragedy, life for the survivors goes on. It’s my hope that this film sparks a dialogue that addresses how we move forward in the face of unbearable loss. " "i only miss you when i’m breathing" is the film directorial debut for award-winning Ashley Wren who enlisted female co-producers, a female screenwriter and a female editor for the project. The film highlights the all too prevalent themes of loss and gun violence in the United States. 

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