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Hip-hop artist Gabby Durden releases emotional new single and video for "ribcage (awakening)"

Emo-rap/hip-hop artist Gabby Durden releases her debut single, “ribcage (awakening),” along with its accompanying music video. You can listen to the single and watch the video here. You can stream the single here.

“This track was born of necessity. A search for relief from grief spurred a journey of self-exploration…bearing my ‘ribcage’ to discover who I am at my core. A version of me I’m still getting to know.” — Gabby Durden

“ribcage (awakening)” is a moving anthem for anyone who has ever felt powerless in the face of tragedy. Gabby Durden’s debut single is a testament to the power of music in overcoming grief. With raw lyrics and a unique emo-rap style, Durden takes listeners on a journey through her own heartbreak after losing her mother to suicide. Durden rips into the chorus, finding her soul again, “Awakening/Keeps me from breaking/Offer my heart to be born anew/Throwing my ribcage into full view.”

Throughout “ribcage (awakening),” Gabby transforms her pain into powerful melodies and impressive rap flows to create an incredible sound that combines the aggressiveness and passion of hip-hop/rap with a stunning vocal performance and poetic lyrics.

The music video truly lives in harmony with the single, and brings the full version to life. Durden shares, “As someone with a varied background when it comes to creative expression –I’ve done some TV and film stuff — I felt very in my element. This surprised me a little because even after all the preproduction work, I was still unsure of what to expect on set, this being my first music video and all. But as soon as we arrived, the nerves washed away. I felt locked in. We had some amazing talents working on this project, and it was exhilarating to pitch my vision and watch it grow. I really wanted the visuals to be additive to how listeners experience ‘ribcage.’ And I think we hit that.”


Written by Gabby Durden, Madi Cooper, and Kara Greskovic Production by Kara Greskovic Mixing Engineering by Jerome Renard Mastered at H-Mastering Music video directed by Sam Aldrich

Gabby Durden’s dedication to music began with a life-altering knock on the door. Her mother took her own life. When grief threatened to consume Gabby, she turned to music.

Gabby was previously known as LeTigress — a trailblazer in the male-dominated esports scene, making her mark on a fandom of millions as the first-ever woman play-by-play commentator on the League of Legends Championship Series. As Gabby Durden, she breaks past “LeTigress” to breach new boundaries as an emo rap singer-songwriter.

Gabby has turned to music as a form of escapism from tragedies, traumas, and reality for as long as she can remember. Losing her mother so tragically spurred the urge to stop focusing her career on highlighting the stories of others and start sharing her own.

The core of Gabby’s lyrics focuses on mental health, overcoming life challenges, and self-empowerment. This doesn’t preclude her from telling haters to fuck off with any of their sexist or racist bias — something she finds all too familiar from her time in gaming. Ultimately, Gabby knows from experience the impact of her voice. She believes in the healing force of music and hopes to give her fans the emotional connection they deserve.

Gabby shares, “My mother’s suicide awakened something in me. I began reevaluating a lot of my life. I couldn’t keep bottling myself up. I refused to stay quiet…enough was enough. This is a new chapter. This is who I truly am.”

Gabby is a unique asset to the music scene: a female, emo rap icon-in-the-making with a splash of refreshing vocals. This is best demonstrated in her premiere single “ribcage (awakening).”

When asked about the meaning behind “ribcage (awakening),” Gabby explains, “‘ribcage’ sits in the shock of what I call the ‘point of impact’– or the moment I learned of my mom’s passing. I felt thrown into a crossroads: either collapse under grief or save myself. My draw to music felt desperate…the only way to gain control over my life when I felt powerless. ‘ribcage’ is all about that decision. To awaken. To take control.”

Gabby has honed an impressive set of musical skills. Her eclectic performance training–from childhood musical theater to a collegiate minor in music–gives her the edge she needs to stand out in the less-melodically-driven genre that is rap.

Gabby cites musical influences such as NF, Eminem, Ashnikko, Cardi B, Run the Jewels, Bo Burnham, and even the alternative rock edge of Linkin Park, Gorillaz, and The Killers.

Gabby is working alongside an incredible female-dominated team out of Nashville and Los Angeles with plans to aggressively release music throughout 2023 and beyond. She cites the BROCKHAMPTON’s SATURATION trilogy as a source of inspiration for hustling to make a name for yourself.


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