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Hannah Anders' "Redneck Riding Hood" is a Southern vigilante for every woman

Country singer-songwriter Hannah Anders' 2021 album Evolution features songs that show all sides of the artist's personality and experiences, but one title is instantly eye-catching. Of course, that would be "Redneck Riding Hood."

Unlike the familiar childhood story of Red Riding Hood, the beauty queen-turned-vigilante refuses to be threatened by wolves. Anders always imagined adding a visual to the story of this woman that everyone can't help but love, and she delivered as the queen herself in "Redneck Riding Hood," released August 11th.

Set in a retro, blinged out pink trailer, Redneck Riding Hood's story begins by introducing viewers to a woman who cannot be tamed and looks like "every woman wishes she could." As the heroine travels to a nearby bar to enjoy a night out at "Wolfy's Bar" she is approached by an interested man who, despite Riding Hood's disinterest, continues to pursue her until he makes a fatal mistake by touching the beauty.

Redneck Riding Hood is no damsel in distress, even with the classic "spray-on tan and painted-on smile" that a strong Southern belle wears as her armor. It's no surprise that she tricks this man into helping her fix her souped-up truck's engine after he "offers jumper cables but jumped her instead," leaving him in the dust. Anders is convincing in the role of a strong but sweet woman who refuses to let men get the best of her.

With fantastic videography by McGettrick Media, Anders' "Redneck Riding Hood" is a satisfying story to watch unfold as the tale as old as time is given a modern and refreshing twist. If you're wondering if the heroine makes it back home safe, let's just say she has her pie and eats it, too.

With an artist like Hannah Anders, you don't become a fan over time, you become a fan in a heartbeat. The powerhouse vocalist takes Country Music from your grandpa’s front porch soundtrack and turns it into your daughter’s backwoods anthem.

Hannah has clinched the Los Angeles Akademia Award for Best Country/Rock Song with her rip-roaring anthem, Turn It Up. The same song was also nominated by LOZ Radio for Song Of The Year, and held the number one spot through the month of April on Australia’s Power FM Station. Hannah’s songwriting kudos were recognized by the world famous Dodge Ram Truck Company, who commissioned her to write the theme song for their “Nashville give-away” ad campaign in Atlanta, GA. Hannah Anders has conquered crowds from coast to coast and overseas, touring the UK and Ireland as the headliner for the Rednecks and Rhinestones Festival, in addition to sharing stages with the likes of LoCash, Billy Currington, and Keith Anderson.

Hannah recently returned from a month-long International Radio and Media Promotion tour where her most recent single, “While I Still Got Time”, climbed the International Charts to the #2 position. From Summerfest, the World’s Largest Music Festival, to Music City’s CMA Fest, putting on a legendary show and writing great songs has become second nature for Hannah Anders.


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