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Exclusive Premiere: Sam Paige Releases New Single "Impulsive"

Music Update Central Exclusively Premiere's Sam Paige's new pop song "Impulsive". Sam Paige is back with another hit titled “Impulsive”. This New Jersey native collaborated with singer songwriter and social influencer Cory Singer to bring this song to life. I love this song, "I can be impulsive especially with shopping and I thought it would be fun to drop this song during the holiday's when we all tend to go a bit too far shopping for others and ourselves. I mean at least I can admit that Black Friday is really about what I can get on sale for myself lol.. so a bit tongue in cheek but hopefully will bring a smile to everyone's face." - Sam Paige. You can download and stream the song here:

The song starts with down beats from a synth while an electric guitar plays an upbeat and exciting melody. The bubblegum pop backing track playing helps create the lighthearted vibe that carries throughout the song. A couple beats from the drums kicks things off as Sam begins to sing the opening lyrics “No regrets and no second guessing / Just let go but not too slow.” Sam goes on to sing of all things she wants: clothes, tattoos, and piercings. She is going to get all that she wants because she’s “so impulsive.” Having previously done vocal training with NBC’s “The Voice” coach Coreen Sheehan, Sam shows off as she effortlessly moves through her vast vocal range. She takes listeners on a sonic journey as she packs her lyrics and vocal tone with an incredible amount of expression. It is hard not to smile as you listen to the clever lyrics that were written in collaboration with artist Cory Singer. Cory had nothing but glowing remarks about Sam as he said “I really enjoy working with Sam. She brings a sense of authenticity to the co-write because she allows herself to be honest. I have collaborated with Sam a few times and it has been great to see her grow vocally and artistically.” Sam offers fans insight behind the making of this song, "The inspiration for my single was born one night while I was talking to my manager and she was laughing at my compulsive nature. We laughed and she said, "Hey let's write a song about how impulsive you are!” I was really honored to work with one of my favorite songwriters, Cory Singer. He has a way of bringing my thoughts to life with his lyrics and compositions. Not to mention how talented and inspirational he is. This is the second song I collaborated with Cory on. It is important to laugh at ourselves sometimes! Life is too serious and short."

Sam's Website HERE

Produced by: Jerry Ramos & Cory Singer

Studio: Mercury Recording Studio (Rahway, NJ)

Mastering: Brian Poole - Moontree Mastering

Distributed: Heart Songs Music Group


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