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Emily Kate Releases Her Heart Break Country Song "All In"

October 26, 2020 (Nashville, TN)- Singer songwriter Emily Kate tells her "heartbreak" story through music with her new song "All In" released on October 23rd, 2020 on all digital download and streaming outlets.

"All In" is the kind of song that makes you want to hold up a lighter while you sing and sway with all your girlfriends. Emily Kate has touched on that relatable experience when we sometimes pick the wrong guy. Eventually we get tired of the one sided love or like her lyrics say “not once in a while or every couple of days.” It’s beautiful and raw as Emily does not shy away from the struggle of moving on from a significant relationship even though he is already “in with the new”. The slow acoustic rythym and powerful beat only drives home her message that every woman deserves a man who is 100% in. This is a man who will love you unconditionally and won’t give up when it gets rough. “Boys come and go but a man sees it through,”-- slow clap-- this line says it all. Emily’s lyrics express a much needed reminder for all of us that it might take a while but that man will come, and he will stay.

"All In expresses a more vulnerable side of me. One the surface, it may seem like this song is about longing for commitment but it's so much more. It is about the discovery of my full self-worth, during a time when a relationship was really testing me. Unfortunately, too many of us are familiar with being in an uncommitted relationship. I think we often settle for what we feel we deserve and at the time of writing this song, I realized I deserved more. This song is my shouldere to cry on for anyone who's wasted their tears only to find themselves at another dead-end and is ultimately about standing up for yourself in any situation." - Emily Kate

Songwriters: Emily Kate and Shawn Moore. Produced and Mixed by Shawn Moore (Waterloo, ON), Mastering John Mayfield of Mayfield Mastering. Musicians; Shawn Moore (Drums), Junior Riggan (Bass), Stu Weinberg (Guitars), Chris Hurst (Keys), Vocals and BGV's Emily Kate.


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