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Emily Hackett Pours Her Soul Into New EP "By The Moon"

Emily Hackett is one of those rising stars that you have probably already heard her music, and may not know her name just yet, but you will. Following her Release of "By The Sun" last year, Emily found out that she was named one of CMT's Next Women of Country Class of 2019. It is one of those game changing moments. (The careers of Kelsea Ballerini and Maren Morris were launched just in this manner). Emily is holding her EP Release Part 2 "By The Moon" at "Boot on Stage Presents: Emily Hackett" at The Hotel Cafe, located in Los Angeles, California.

"By The Sun" is Part 1 of a 2 part EP Collection, and it does not disappoint. Emily is one of those singer/songwriters that can draw from her life experiences and tell stories with such grace and versatility. Her vibrant vocals enhance the listening experience, gathers the attention of her audience and if that isn't enough..... the richly textured lyrics are so exceptional that Emily's songs should be on everyone's playlists, shared, and listened to over and over again.

Emily's music combines a mixture of Pop, Rock & Roll, Country, it is certainly a fine eclectic mix.

Her musical roots began as a little girl growing up in Georgia with a Dad who was a Rock and Roll Music Critic. Emily would spend hours just listening to all the records he brought home which led to her insatiable love of music in the rock genre. Emily caught the country music bug when she began dating a guy in high school who introduced her to it. At that point, Emily started writing songs that tell stories that people could relate to from their own experiences in life.

After much anticipation Emily released the songs in a 2 part EP Series noting, she felt people listen to music in smaller chunks and in that way the listener can grow with her as an artist, songwriter, while making the delivery of the music enticing to the everyday person.

Emily's music idol is Joni Mitchell. She states, "She is such a poet, she is so strong in her delivery as an artist, she is uniquely her, and nobody can touch that, she keeps me a dreamer!" These are words to live by, we should all take a step back, and be a dreamer once in a while.

One venue that Emily would aspire to perform in at some point would be the World Famous Grand Ole Opry, "So many magical moments happened on that stage".

A little something to know about Emily: "I was given a lot, with a lot of simplicity and I was blessed being born into that. The vulnerability and honesty about not being perfect, making mistakes is okay, everyone experiences it and with music, I can say things out loud and tell a story."

When asked where the inspiration for the music video, "Easy" derived from, Emily noted she was a fan of the TV Show "True Detectives" and that she just tried to think about it from a visual standpoint. The song "Easy" starts out asking questions similar to the interviews conducted by the tv show detectives and the result seemed like a great platform to tell the story of the song.

Emily is definitely on the move with her tour schedule, check out her socials or website for more information.

Facebook: emilyhackettmusic



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