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Dustin Chapman inspires with his new single 'Lead The Way'

Dustin Chapman

Dustin Chapman hails from North Carolina.  Dustin released his new inspirational single "Lead The Way" on all digital and streaming outlets today (April 30th 2019) which debuted at #82 on the Christian/Gospel Music Charts on iTunes. The original song was inspired by his journey living with a rare disease of the esophagus called Achalasia. He has had six surgeries along the way. A video of Dustin performing the song while hospitalized at Duke University's Cancer Center went viral over the summer. The song speaks of holding on to God's promise that He has a greater plan laid out for us than anything we can imagine and it is vitally important for us to trust that He is truly good even when our earthly situations are not.

There are many people in this world who find music therapeutic, Country/Christian singer/songwriter Dustin Chapman is included in this group of individuals. Though he has always had a passion for singing since joining choir in middle school, Chapman never did realized just how vital music was to his individuality. It was during his senior year in high school, when he first began experiencing issues due to a rare disease, Achalasia, that he truly discovered the power music possesses—the power it has to restore brokenness, encourage hopefulness, and breathe life into the lifeless. During trials with sickness, he'd sing. When he felt anxious about an upcoming test or procedure, he’d sing. Chapman learned that music had the ability to give him words when he felt as if there was nothing to say, and this is when he decided to pursue a career in music. After making this decision, the 21-year-old knew he had to enter a place of vulnerability that would allow his audience members to do the same. So, Chapman broke down emotional barriers and began showcasing music’s abilities to help him overcome, music’s abilities to help so many others overcome, and what he truly hope people see is that there is a beauty and power that music possesses that can help them overcome as well. With that in mind, the music major, who studies Popular Music at Catawba College, tries to write songs that balance various subjects, songs that express heartbreak and frustration, highlight joy and happiness, and tackle serious topics with feel-good melodies which ultimately showcase that there’s reason to search for ways to achieve prosperity through hardships. Though young, Chapman has experienced numerous hardships which he hold close to show the world that individuals set their own obstacles and we all have the power to achieve anything we set our mind to.

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