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Cory Singer's New Single Was A Long Time Coming...

Corry Singer released his newest single “Long Time Coming”, which combines elements of indie and feel-good music and promises to uplift audiences with its inspiring lyrics and catchy melody. And let’s say… it was a long time coming.  You can download and stream HERE.

Known for his captivating performances and exceptional songwriting skills, the promising talent penned "Long Time Coming" as a testament to his perseverance and triumph.

“I wrote this song back in 2019, I felt very dissatisfied musically at the moment, which is why I wanted to write an uplifting song, so I just picked up my guitar, and just started finger-picking the chord progression on the guitar. The lyrics literally came to me right away, and the song was finished in a half hour. The idea was a song about finally making it.” – Cory Singer

Cory knew exactly what he was doing when he added that gospel choir and piano that take us to church. His inspiration was driven from his fixation on Frank Sinatra at that time. The two songs that were Cory’s inspiration are “That’s Life” and “My Way”. 

The song was literally spur of the moment, which I attribute to me just being truthful and honest in my writing. I wanted to feel good when singing a song, and tailored the song to my strengths vocally. I'm proud of how the song came out.” – Cory Singer

"Long Time Coming" exudes a powerful message of hope and determination that transcends borders, taking listeners on an immersive journey led by an emotive delivery and poignant verses. From the pulsating energy of the chorus to each poetic line, Singer leaves a lasting impression on listeners, ensuring the song’s impact lingers long after the final note fades away.

A testament to Cory Singer's journey and dedication to his craft, the track encapsulates how hard work pays off, with Singer affirming, "It does. I wouldn't have written 'Long Time Coming' or any of my other songs without the time and dedication I've put into my craft."

Cory is a diverse Singer-Songwriter whose body of work has been celebrated through the Press, Music Theater Community and the Autism Community. 

Cory Singer has become a Social Media & TikTok influencer. With over 440k followers and 18.7 million likes (TikTok) and full verification across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, he promotes positivity by inspiring others with his unique brand, music and personal experiences having autism himself. 

For Singer, "Long Time Coming" marks another milestone in his illustrious career. A versatile performer, Singer has graced arenas nationwide and starred in BRAVO TV's singing competition, The Kandi Factory, where he emerged as the grand winner. In addition to his musical endeavors, he has been recognized and celebrated for his advocacy work for individuals on the autism spectrum, using his platform to spread positivity and promote awareness. He truly has become a well-recognized social influencer. He loves that he can use his music and social platform to inspire and help others, he also stated that, “I want to be recognized for my music, songwriting and craft. Not because I am autistic and talented but because you like my music.” - Cory Singer

Singer's philanthropic endeavors extend to his roles on the board of directors for the I Am Able Foundation. Despite his growing prominence, with over half a million followers across his platforms, Singer remains focused on his passion for music and songwriting. Singer has also been featured on Good Morning America, has performed the National Anthem for several major national sporting events, and has even shared the stage with none other than DJ Khaled.

Keep up with Cory Singer HERE!


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