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Conversation with Savannah Nider on her new single release 'We Are Us'

Author: Kat Loewer

"I want the music I sing to inspire people in a positive way. "We Are Us" really speaks to me because my family has given me so much support and encouragement to become the artist I am today." Savannah goes on to share more about her close relationship with her Grandma.  "We spent everyday after school at my grandparents house, while my parents worked. We lived close to them and they became like second parents to me and my siblings, helping with after school activities and homework.  My grandmother in particular encouraged my dream of pursuing music and pushing me to go for it even when it was hard and seemed impossible."  "We Are Us" is a tribute to her Grandmother's spirit. She wanted to portray her life in a song.  She tells the story of how nothing would stop her from seeing Savannah perform in a showcase in Nashville. Savannah was 16 at the time, and her grandmother was ill and beginning to decline however she insisted on making the 13 hour drive from Pawnee City, Nebraska to Nashville to see her perform. They laid the seats down in the car and piled it with blankets to make her comfortable for the ride.  "She was determined to come. It was a dream of hers, to see mine come true. That's who she was, she taught me to go for my goals and never give up." Savannah says her favorite memories of her were those towards the end of her time when they would visit with her, and say their goodbyes. She told Savannah "Don't ever stop! If you need help, look up and I will be there."  Now her Grandpa comes to every performance that he can, carrying on their dream.

"We Are Us" is for my family, but what I love about it is that it can speak to and apply to so many groups of people." Anyone that wants to declare their strength and courage together in a common cause can embrace this song as their own. For example, Savannah has a special connection and love for kids with special needs. She knows the struggles and difficulties they face everyday. She was the babysitter for an autistic boy Alex for 7 years. Savannah's cousin Megan has Downs Syndrome and they are very close. She loves volunteering and supporting her at the Special Olympics she participates in every year. Megan and Alex are so special to Savannah that she asked them to be junior attendants in her wedding where she says she spent more time dancing with them than anyone else.

In the aftermath of the storm that struck Nashville, Savannah expressed how the message of this song resonated that much stronger. "I wish I could play this song for everyone here to encourage them that together we can overcome anything!" Listening to "We Are Us" leaves no doubt that Savannah knows who she is and where she is going. We hope this song takes her to the top! We know it has already lifted the spirits of anyone who has heard it.

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