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Ches Anthony releases stellar new country album 'Just A Man'

Ches Anthony’s new album Just a Man is the perfect mix of modern meets classic country music. Ten tracks long, this album is the perfect length to showcase Ches’ unique and rich abilities as a musician. You can listen to the album by clicking here.

Standout tracks include the opener, “Good Man,” which is a stellar example of his particular brand of country, expertly blending more traditional, outlaw country stylings with elements of modern country and rock. Anthony’s powerful vocals are front and center throughout the entire song, especially during the high-energy chorus that gives one the urge to start headbanging like any rock classic. Ripping guitar riffs also contribute to the infectious energy of this track, but it knows when to turn things down at the end, just like the setting of the sun. This track tells the story of the protagonist of the song murdering a “good man.” Ches even gives this good man a proper eulogy in the song, making this an even more poignant opening track.

Another standout is “In My Next Life,” which features Karen-Lee Batten as a lead female background vocalist. The blend of her voice next to Ches’ blending in perfect harmony, and their sonic quality is unmatched. The duet between Anthony and Batten describes wishing you could save a love story for your next life. The acoustic-sounding juxtaposition of this song next to the first two opening tracks shows how Ches can blend seamlessly between styles without missing a beat.

The final track of the album, “Just A Man,” reverts back to the outlaw country feel of the opening track “A Good Man.” The song is a serious power ballad, with smoky and rugged vocals coming from Ches. It’s a thematically appropriate bookend to this sonic journey of an album.

Ches Anthony grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan, surrounded by music and motocross. He learned to play harmonica, guitar and piano at a young age. His father would bring him up on stage with his blues band where he performed for their fans.

Through his teenage angst years, Ches formed a heavy rock band and wrote songs that would help him and others relate to the struggles of youth. In 2015, he went back to his country/blues roots and joined Sony signed group Cold Creek County. Ches Anthony then decided to go solo in 2018. He has two albums out as a solo artist, and Just A Man is his 3rd album. Two of Ches’ releases were written by Chris Stapleton, a true honor to Ches, as he is one of his biggest influences. Ches has headlined several big-time shows, including Whiskey Jam in Nashville. Anthony has also played several sold-out shows in Saskatoon, CA. On the rock side of his career, he played major festivals such as Warped Tour and toured with Three Days Grace.

Fans can find him on his Website as well as his Facebook and Instagram.


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