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Brooke Barry Channels the Inner Halloween with New Single "Trick or Treat"

TikTok & Instagram Influencer Brooke Barry brings the Halloween vibes with her new single "Trick or Treat" which exclusively premiered via Celeb Secrets yesterday. You can stream the new release on all digital platforms.

"This song is about a two-faced boy who pretends to be sweet and kind to her but actually is manipulative and a compulsive liar,"she told Celeb Secrets in an exclusive premiere. “In the chorus, when he comes knocking at her door, she doesn’t know is she will be getting a “trick” (bad behavior from him) or a “treat” (he will pretend to be sweet again).

Growing up in Orange Park, Florida, Brooke began her career at a young age and reached viral success when she recorded a TikTok of Taylor Swift's "Welcome to New York." After releasing her first single in 2019 "Wake Up," her social media presence continued to gain attention with over 3.1 million TikTok followers and 354k Instagram followers.

You can learn more about Brooke Barry by connecting on TikTokInstagramTwitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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